Elementary School Fundraiser Ideas: The Advantage Of A Sales Team by Daniel Barnett Hatcher

Church organizations depend, in a large part, on fundraisers to raise money for creating programs, paying staff and renting and holding services for a congregation fundraiser for church ideas of devoted followers. Bake sales, car washes and spaghetti dinners are good church fundraising ideas that engage members in social activities and promote community spirit. But sometimes it’s the truly creative ideas that spark the imagination of the followers and inspire even those outside of the congregation to get involved.

Cumberland Valley Christian School in Chambersburg Pennsylvania took fundraising to a new level. To boost moral and encourage as much participation as possible in their ‘Race for Education’ fundraising effort – students run laps around the soccer field to raise money – principal Carl McKee promised he would spend a night sleeping on the schools’ roof if the elementary and high school classes reached 90% participation. The kids showed up in droves to make sure the principal enjoyed an evening on the roof. The 90% participation goal was met with ease and everybody involved had a great time. Even principal McKee had fun as he braved 50-degree temps on the roof of the school.

Developing fun and inventive church fundraising ideas brings excitement to your fundraising cause. People motivate when things are exciting and that excitement spreads like wild fire.

Scavenger hunts are a great way to get people involved. They work in teams, discuss clues, collaborate and share ideas as they look for the next item on their list.

Scavenger hunts teach communication skills and create a friendly competitive environment that act as a great motivator. Ask supporters to pledge money for each clue found.

To up the creative juice for your  campaign ask people to dress in characters based on a theme. Host a costume-making workshop and ask people to donate a small fee for the service. Creating community around your church fundraising efforts bring people together and fosters deeper connections.

More ideas:
· Cooking classes
· Trips to unique places that inspire and educate
· Use the Internet and Social Media to reach out to a web of communities that share your beliefs and can help you develop new ideas
· Grab a copy of the Guinness Book of World Records and try to break a record